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Social formation, transformation, transmigration, Kerta Buana village, agriculture community, and mining community


Community in Kerta Buana village developed by the Indonesian government in 1980 through a
transmigration program to be farmers at that. Therefore, the government provided two hectares of farmland to
transmigrant participants and divided into three plots of land which were deemed sufficient to meet the living
needs of transmigrant families. With that two hectares of land, before 2000, the transmigrant in Kerta Buana
village were able to created centre of paddys for Tenggarong Seberang subdistrict through some paddy fields
made by transmigrants. However, along with the expansion of coal mining and the change of mining method from
underground pit mining to open pit mining, gradually the term center of paddys shifted to become center of mine
holes because so many mine holes are open and not reclaimed. Social formation of the community also changes
from agriculture activities that once dominated to activities that entirely depend on the dynamics of mining activities
in Kerta Buana village and its surrounding. This paper tries to explain the social dynamics that are happening in
line with the presence of mining businesses sponsored by the government through some permits granted to many
companies, so that they are able to convert transmigration areas with agriculture activities into mining areas along
with various economic activities


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Robert Siburian, Pusat Penelitian Kemasyarakatan dan Kebudayaan - Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia


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