Manuscripts Management

JMB made some changes to manuscripts management to improve the quality of publications. The changes will start on the issue of JMB Volume 24 as of January 1, 2022. Manuscripts submitted in 2021 are not subject to this management change.

The Principle of Change

This quality improvement mainly focuses on the upstream process: article submission and initial assignment. Please see the Author Guidelines and JMB Flowchart Review. In addition, this change also focuses on downstream processing to avoid stacking manuscripts on the waiting list. Please see the Article in Press JMB. In detail, the changes in the manuscript management as intended are:


Article Submission and Initial Assignment

At the initial stage, the author sends the manuscript in 3 forms:

  1. Anonymous Files (Full paper without any identity and acknowledgement)
  2. Title Page (File that contain title, identity, abstract, keywords, or acknowledgement) 
  3. Cover Letter

The Managing Editor is responsible for selecting the Anonymous File and Title Page by considering the appropriateness of the number of words and the focus and scope of the manuscript. Meanwhile, the Editor in Chief is responsible for selecting the Cover Letter by considering the novelty or significance of the manuscript findings.

Copyediting and Proofreading

At this stage, after the manuscript has gone through the blind peer-review process, Copyediting and Proofreading the manuscript involves professional third parties to improve the quality of the presentation of the manuscript.


The layout process will collaborate with Penerbit BRIN in the final stage.

Article in Press

Manuscripts that are ready to be published but do not have an Issue place will be published first through Online First or Articles in Press. These articles have been properly reviewed according to JMB's standards and policies and accepted for publication in future editions. However, the articles do not yet have a publication date and are awaiting a complete edition.