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  Jurnal Masyarakat dan Budaya (JMB)  is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to be an authoritative academic source on the study of society and culture. We publish original research papers, review articles, and case studies focusing on Indonesian society, cultural phenomena, and other related topics. A manuscript describing society and culture outside Indonesia is expected to be analyzed comparatively with the issues and context in Indonesia. All papers will be reviewed rigorously at least by two referees. JMB is published three times a year, in April, August, and December.


Annulment of Book Review Section


Started from Vol. 23 No.1 Tahun 2021, Jurnal Masyarakat dan Budaya will no longer publish Book Review manuscript. The manuscript could be sent to PMB - LIPI website and will follow the writing guideline on the website. 

Alternatively, JMB will accept the Conceptual/Theoretical Review manuscript. The Conceptual/Theoretical Review will be processed following the guideline of the scientific article.

The link to PMB - LIPI website is as follows. 


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Current Issue

Vol. 23 No. 1 (2021)
Published: 2021-05-27



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