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Anas Saidi


The relation between Pancasila and religions under
sociological sphere creates a permanent tension. As a source
of value and symbolical system, both factors has contested to
gain followers and for defining reality, despite the fact that
the two are actually in need and fulfill one another. Pancasila
needs religion to enrich the meaning of life, and as the major
source to deliver nation and statehood ethics based on social
piousity derived from religion. This is also true that religion
can become the source of answer on problems that lies beyond
reality, such as the life after death explanation.
On the other hand, religion needs Pancasila to gather
universal values under different religions such as: justice,
equality and humanity, which took different normative forms
in each religion. Pancasila has the ability to mediate or
bridge different primordial bounds derived from different
religious cosmology, which could ignite conflict. This
mutualistic symbiose can be achieved if both Pancasila and
religion can realize their positions and limitations.
In recent Indonesia, the relation between Pancasila and
religion is under the most worrisome tension. At one point, the
flow of religious (Islamic)-puritanism with its truth claim, and
other claims, has changed the form of religiousity that was
inclusive, tolerant, sincretic, adaptative; to another form that
is exclusive, intolerant, anti-nationalism, anti-democracy, and
anti-tradition. On the other point, the over-spirited voice of
democracy radicalisation, gender equality and secularism
claims has negated the need for ethics (religion) to enter the
public sphere. To add the complication, the relation between Pancasila, religion, and culture, has to face globalization
wave that disregard limits of tradition, nationalism and
religious authority.
Keywords: Pancasila, Agama, Kebudayaan.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14203/jmb.v11i1.233


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